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*You can still show your support by purchasing our hand crafted tortilla chips until we find a new kitchen space that will allow us to keep serving Toronto with our full menu.

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After our biggest day ever we showed up to work to discover all of our stuff packed and scattered across the floor.

The landlord for the shared commercial kitchen space decided there wasn't room for our small operation anymore because he has bigger plans.

We aren't giving up, and while health codes prevent us from selling 99% of our menu out of our apartment while we look for a new space we will still be offering bags of our handcrafted Tortilla Chips prepared at home for you.

Please follow us on social media to keep up with our struggle to overcome the obstacles set before us.

Together we are Toronto Strong!

Artisan Mexican Food

that evoke the luxuriating flavors of a Mexican vacation.


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A few words from Tenaz' founder:

In light of recent events we are all in need of a getaway. I would love the privilege of providing that Mexican vacation feeling in the safety of your own Toronto home. A carefree space where you and your loved ones can make happy memories around comforting & nutritious Mexican Food.



Taco al Pastor
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Tacos al Pastor

Gluten Free, Not spicy

The King of Tacos!

  • 3 six inch artisanal 100% nixtamal corn tortilla tacos

  • Mild dried chillies and spices marinated pork shoulder

  • Creamy, herbaceous salsa verde

  • Crowned with fresh cilantro & onion


or $6.75 a la carte

Delivery Fee Applies

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Grilled Sirloin Tacos

Gluten Free, Not spicy

A taco that celebrates steak.

  • 3 six inch artisanal 100% nixtamal corn tortilla tacos

  • Tender seasoned steak 

  •  Tangy, delicately smokey and subtly sweet mild guajillo salsa

  • Crowned with fresh cilantro & onion.


or $6.85 a la carte

Grilled Serloin Taco

Delivery Fee Applies

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Quesabirria Tacos

Gluten Free, Not spicy

Authentic, luxurious, unforgettable.

  • 3 six inch artisanal 100% nixtamal corn tortilla tacos

  • Slow cooked pulled beef stewed in a fragrant sauce of 12 different spices

  • Creamy melted cheese

  • Crowned with fresh cilantro & onion

  • Dunk it in the complimentary consume for an authentic Mexican experience


or $7.25 a la carte

Delivery Fee Applies

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Enchiladas Suizas de Pollo

Gluten Free, Not spicy

This is how Mexicans do comfort food.

  • 3 six inch rolled artisanal 100% nixtamal corn tortillas

  • Stuffed with saucy chicken

  • Drenched in a creamy, tangy tomatillo cream salsa

  • Topped with melted cheese



Delivery Fee Applies

Sope de Chicharron Prensado Vegano
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Sopes de Chicharron Prensado Vegano

, Gluten Free, Not spicy
  • 3 Sopes: Thicker than a tortilla & crispy on the outside, made with 100% nixtamal

  • Flavorful mushroom & potato marinated in chiles guagillos & spices

  • Creamy, herbaceous salsa verde

  • Crowned with fresh cilantro & onion


or $6.25 a la carte

A Mexican favorite. Plant based.

Delivery Fee Applies

Handcrafted Sides

Tortilla Chips





*Serving size feeds one person

Grilled Green Beans

on the Side



Handcrafted Beverages

Agua Fresca de Jamaica

Hibiscus Juice






Agua Fresca Frutal

Rotating selection of seasonal fruit. New every week



Delivery Fee Applies

What does elevated artisanal Mexican food sound like? 

This handcrafted playlist is an extension of the Mexican vacation experience we serve with every dish on our menu!

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